More Than A Courtroom Drama.

Demme is definitely armed with a sharp script but is unfortunately short on execution. With eerie camera work and enabling a cheesy environment in a professional work environment, this method is off putting and disenchanting the powerful words Ron Nyswaner; the writer, wrote. And this is how powerful his words are, for despite of having these many flaws, the film is one big powerhouse of drama. With monologues or speeches or even conversation drawn in for satire that are itself free from any whatsoever strings of the storyline.

Personally, among multiple such sequences, I connected the most when Andrew (Tom Hanks) gets lost on listening the Opera and describing the lyrics to Joe (Denzel Washington) with body language so flamboyant that you melt away in his performance. And this is film’s major asset; the cast. With A list actors such as Hanks and Washington sharing the screen, there is an elevation in each scene as these two charge heavily on to others. Washington has a powerful three dimensional character to play, primarily because it struggles with his own issues along with a case that he is fighting which is about the very personal conflicts.

Hanks is on the softer side of the door, he is mostly incapable of taking charge with power. He is a pure magic while seducing you, with a slow speech and low voice, he is wiser than others and also humbler. The courtroom drama, as Washington says before the trial begins, is not your usual tear jerking melodrama but a long hard boxing match where you are not going to win by a knockout punch. Philadelphia is exactly as the title song states, advanced and also gullible on the acceptance logistics, either way, this cast lives up to the hype they come up with; style and excellence.

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