Noted And Loved.

Eastwood has been the front runner of this genre from the very dawn. But what’s fascinating in here is that this time he is the creator of it. And yes, working with Sergio Leone for ages helped him a lot to glorify this genre to its pinnacle. But with it, also comes the sheer pressure of respecting the genre that has given him royalty and respect for ages. Finesse takes over fear, in this case, and walking a fine line between cinematic style and hardcore substance, it is a thought provoking ecstasy to behold. This two part parallel western tale has three dimensional characters to be loved and be impressed with. But I would also call it, the darkest of the collection of Clint Eastwood films.

Not only the followed content and the gore vision, but also the moral dilemma and typical bravery-cowardice antic it snatches from kid’s story books. Holding that end of the bargain, is Morgan Freeman as an old skillful hitman, that is running from the in’s and out’s of the world for solace. His equation with a hothead amateur played by Jaime Wolvett shows some of the finest bickerings between two subsequent generations of all.

Cloaking as an involuntary judge lies Clint Eastwood, the sort of anti-hero which everyone fears, even audience. But this is certainly one big distraction, for personally, Gene Hackman’s version of corrupt power in hand, is the best door to knock on. From long intense sequences like capturing Richard Harris or seducing him for one last shot in the jail, some of the finest acting is to be seen from his account, if anyone gets in your nerves, it’s him. Unforgiven is exactly what it claims to be, a memorable cast colliding with guns blazing in their hands and slick one-liners to make your head spinning.

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