Nothing Is New. Nothing Is Old.

Peretz is clearly a fanboy for romantic films; or so it seems, gullible for cheesy emotional patches sticking it forcibly on uncalled situations. You can practically see him all giddy up for these tear jerking manipulative sequences, unfortunately the audience is much smarter than to swallow up any given pill. The film is low on such crafted works, along with the adaptation and the execution. Still the film manages to keep us thoroughly entertained and the credit goes to nothing but Nick Hornby’s novel. He has chosen storytelling over the characters.

And no matter how questionable or even dodgy it gets, the eerie baggage that each character comes with, is just delightful to encounter. Take the first meeting of Annie (Rose Byrne) and Tucker (Ethan Hawke) for instance. The way Hawke juggles multiple characters barging in on the screen, one after another, he handles them with equal sincerity and foliating a definite background of their storyline by ignorance and light humorous tone or even “dad” jokes. A testament of his learned skills on playing theatres for ages, Hawke casts his character as an all bets lost rockstar, that is fixing his wounds with household tapes.

Byrne as our host isn’t ready to take this huge responsibility on the screen, despite of having a wider range and good amount of alone powerful screen time allotted, she never gets to you. Chris O’Dowd as the comic relief in the film works just as fine as it was expected from him. Personally, the best bit and also the surprising aspect of the film is the sweet equation between Hawke and his son, Hawke teaching him and guiding him on every step is a gift you cannot wait to have more. Juliet, Naked doesn’t dare to peel off nature to that extent and neither it can, what it can and does is offer you some good time.

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