Excorcism On Love.

Pawlikowski has always been keen on details. From camera work to his meticulous adaptation to Helen Cross’s novel, he has reasons and rights to fall deep into them, as a result we too are falling into it. This short and often shifty ride that pops back and forth i.e. from romance to thriller and from drama to satire, the sense of urgency and provoking irritation of not achieving the freedom, speaks clearly how and when Pawel Pawlikowski; the screenwriter and director, triumphs on his work.

The first half of the film basically just sweeps away all the distraction and the introductory formalities of the structure where subconsciously Mona’s (Natalie Press) lack of freedom on even an opinion and Tamsin’s (Emily Blunt) flight of freedom is jolted down accurately on screen. The typical rift between siblings is exaggerated wisely to a suicidal rage in order to express the confound and cornered emotions of Mona completely to us.

And this tug of war of controlling each others lives is the core equation of the film solved effortlessly by the makers. Phil, Mona’s brother, played by Paddy Considine is a forced to be reckoned with. His powerful character and performance creates a spiritual antagonist fighting both metaphorically and literally on screen. Blunt’s performance defines when she listens to Phil and his ideologies that captures her; he is easy she claims later on, but she does fool us for a moment. Unfortunately, the lead actor, Press isn’t as outstanding as her supporting cast is, her conflicts are easily absorbing hence it grows easy on us. The film is not as breezy as it looks, it notions towards dark territories and then beams within a snap, leaving us shook and satisfied. My Summer Of Love is a brief affair, exhilarating, bumpy and wiser.

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