Stay For One More Night.

Pawlikowski has a certain theme in his films. Never changing and yet always inspiring in its new dimension that it is confined in, Pawel Pawlikowski; the co-writer and director, manages to whisper a love story in every tale of his. Back dropping the entire romance in a political satire, he jolts down each moment into an antic that it can thrive upon. Speaking fluently at the brisk of almost seventy five minutes, he has a lot of ground to cover, in this one short sprint. The brooded figures analyzed in here has a mature levity in them, in a way that isn’t humorous, but fascinating and expressive about their behavior.

Tanya our host of this temporary stay in a new world played beautifully by Dina Korzun, who is surprisingly far better whilst being goofy and silly around her companions, rather than sulking alone in a room. She gazes her child and the film somehow seems complete in its entirety. The fear goes away, along with all the threats and troubles, the chemistry crafted by her is enough to speak for all of them.

But personally, I feel for Alfie (Paddy Considine), he is the real backbone of the film and our protagonist, he is supporting without any questions or any trade, he is so good a character, that he seems superficial, sort of a fragment of Korzun’s imagination. And her kid too has something to fill in, something to say, and that very character proves Pawlikowski’s attempt of completing the circle, the script, to its full. Although, the theme explored are often dark in his films, there is a sweet innocence in its deeds that doesn’t let go of your hand. Last Resort is neither the first nor last, it is a vital, memorable one that can’t be replaced.

Posted by:Arth

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