Smooth Familiar Guitar Songs.

Haley is far from the vision and the audience he wishes to serve it. Still, there is an admirable stillness in the film that recreates a cozy environment on the screen for us to accept these characters quickly, easily. The narration and execution is pretty much standard or even cliched, in fact, the content is a big void floating around in space, relying upon performance. With basically nothing happening in the world of these incredibly sweet and appealing characters, the runtime might overkill the film but the viewers would still like to hang around them. And the real reason behind it, is obviously the core relationship of the father (Nick Offerman) and the daughter (Kiersey Clemons).

It picks out the most mundane, commercial and yet crucial career decision, also blending in with a social moral dilemma, in order to spice things up. But this overcooked or under cooked script, would need a lot more than some standard spicy ingredients. Aforementioned, performance is the only savior of this almost sinking ship and fortunately the captain on charge is Offerman as Frank; a haunted musical past that pulls and pushes him into professional and social lifestyle.

Sam, played by Clemons, as his daughter isn’t supporting him accordingly. And yet, she is not the biggest disappointment, as Toni Collette is completely underused. Surprisingly, Ted Danson as Offerman’s friend- or so he calls himself- has a much more moving investment in the storytelling than any other. The musical sequences are often stretched, so if you are up for the slow groovy music, this might be your jam, if not, you wouldn’t wanna buy into this album. Hearts Beat Loud doesn’t beat as it claims to or aspire to, it is a slow cycle ride that you would only take if your doctor recommended it.

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