One More Lap.

McKay drives the energy of the film with his witty improv comic skills and impenetrable confidence in his silliness. I have barely witnessed any other filmmaker speak so effervescently and with conviction on the most bourgeois discussion or detail in a film. And it is that clean crisp goofiness in his film that makes it thoroughly entertaining. He is well aware of each character’s background, logistics and actions. Using that very information, he draws in most of the laughs. From pointing out the vibration of the stadium or the corruption of the ticket holders, Adam McKay; the co-writer and director, never loses the grasp over his vision.

And then adding the right ingredient is Will Ferrell- the writing partner of McKay- playing the role of a childish NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby whose uncouth language; something that runs on generation, is the least bit of fun you are about to get. The real laughs are drawn in when Ferrell is set loose to improvise and run the film on his own, stripping down in the middle of a car race, series of monologues that describes inappropriate endorsements and let’s face it, the good old trash talk.

Speaking of which, receiving the other end of the trash talk is Sacha Baron Cohen as his rival, is hilarious while racing and also keeping himself busy with other activities at the same time. Completing this dream team is John C. Reilly as the last piece of the puzzle, who with his brotherhood issues convinces you along with Ferrell to be his friend, no matter how rude he grows to him. Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby is exactly what you would expect from these group of guys, McKay’s thorough investigation on the lifestyle of these bratty drivers is a satisfying and malleable sketchy ride.

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