Do It If Spike Says So.

Lee’s indie masterpiece that got him recognition and fame like never before, defines the very term “situational comedy” at its best. Building up one big climatic riot- for two whole hours- on which the entire film hinges upon is brimmed with series of hilarious political humor that tickles you throughout the course. Basically, what Spike Lee; the writer-director, has to do and does is create a mundane environment in the street where each character- no matter how much small- factors in on this huge controversial event. And he does it with such flamboyant command over the film, that you are left in awe of its sheer practicality.

Take the sweet flirty relationship between De Mayor (Ossie Davis) and Mother Sister (Ruby Dee), for instance, their trajectory on how their bittersweet equation evolves into an affectionate sentimental moment is enough to carve out the meat of the or the leap of the imagination it shows of Lee’s. The other tiny sequences holds up grudges like fascism on admiring the love for celebrities or an invasion of a third party in an ongoing cold war or fighting for the rights to listen and express the views.

These are the provoking notions that charges them and us to reach a cathartic climax. As much as brilliant Lee is off camera, his onscreen investment often comes off as misdirected, since he fails to obliviate his authority off screen. Nevertheless, from support like John Turturro as a hot head Pino and Samuel L. Jackson as a sharp narrator named- or claimed- Love Daddy on a local radio, he is in safe hands. Personally, Danny Aiello as Sal and often the senior among this group, steals the show for me with his brilliant frustrated performance that is ready to burst out any second. Do The Right Thing tosses an unbiased coin, fair and honest in its words, it doesn’t ask questions but answers them.

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