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Illumination may be far from Pixar, but with adorable appealing characters that we all can resonate with, they soar above all for their gregarious tone. This infamous Dr. Suess’s novel has had many adaptation but none of them actually quite got its cinematic version right. Maybe it doesn’t have enough content to run for an hour long period or maybe simply there isn’t anything cinematic about it, either way the result has never bred the sincerity the original tale had. Still, reincarnating this old chestnut of social satire, Illumination has at least managed to make this hostile host more friendly and adaptable to the kids.

Voicing the iconic and titled character of Dr. Suess’s visionary world, is Benedict Cumberbatch, for whom, it seems like this grumpy version wasn’t difficult to voice. Since his previous egoistic roles has offered him to be easily offended and annoyed by the social rigmarole, it seems almost as if like Cumberbatch was born for this role. And perhaps this is what Cumberbatch’s big win is, he makes it look easy as it should. Other voicing actors does their job perfectly with Pharrell Williams narrating and Cameron Seely winning our hearts with her cute voice over on Cindy-Lou Who.

The music being a major part of this film is surprisingly good, not the on screen musical numbers sung by the actors, but the up beating background score. One would have assumed that remaking this fairy tale- almost -would mean that the makers have something new to invest in this storytelling, unfortunately, one mourns at the end of it. Kenan Thompson as the opposite personality to Cumberbatch, steals the show with his uncalled enthusiasm and hilarious one-liners. The Grinch works- sort of- in reverse for us, if the lead character turns from being disappointed to satisfied.

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