It Goes On And On And On.

Johnson might as well be cheating and you wouldn’t know the difference. Now, is that good or bad? Definitely good in this case. If the razzle dazzle that he offers comes with a prize to strain your brain and reach for the star, there is very little wrong in that. The brain straining, unfortunately, isn’t challenging but a homework. He isn’t raising questions, he is answering them, just not briefly, and that meticulous overly-brimmed paper on screen is a double edge sword. It helps him a lot, to get in on your mind but also gets too much inside of it. This frequent fluctuation of the tone could have easily been off putting, but this is where Johnson’s skillful vocab comes in and save the day.

His material may not be thoroughly original but is undeniably refreshing, this eerie mixture of sci-fi genre blend in with indie filmmaking is a delight to look at. Joe, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) the time traveller, is the perfect guide to this journey, he speaks street uncouth language through his deeds that puts him on trial on ethical margin leaving a wondrous arc on the screen. Blunt, Segan and Daniels as the supporting cast delivers decently with creating few good chemistry on screen.

Disappointingly, Willis (Old Joe) isn’t justifying his character through his performance, the sequence where Johnson recreates a scene from “The Heat” where, only once in the film, Joe and Old Joe goes head to head on screen and Willis is clearly not helping. Another powerful scene where Willis, after assassinating an innocent being, fails to color his performance with remorse. To be fair, Johnson seems rushed in there, often in the film, the emotional aspects of the characters are skipped over by the adrenaline rush the script contains. Looper does have an end of line, it makes sure that the end was worth the start.

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