Silent Sirens.

Moland’s second take on a quirky revenge based tale is a clear “style over substance” case. This remake fails on both causes, it uproots the essence of the humor that made “In Order Of Disappearance” smooth and flamboyant, and makes it pretentiously commercial. And on the other hand, it comes off short on performance. But there is something in Neeson’s eyes that makes you root for the guy. He has always cast that persona on screen over the ages. The brooding voice, slick body language and his panache on the command over the other characters, he gambles the game effortlessly. This is the kind of role that he fits in perfectly for.

His on screen fear over the ages, helps us nod easily on setting up the ruthless background of his. Although, this image of his isn’t on run until it’s last act scrolls upon. The initial stages where he is investigating- or one might call it killing people like a Domino where each of them will lead him close to end the game- that rage of merciless encounter is poured over on pawns. Also, Moland’s way of announcing a death is slick fun. It grows on you and balances the tone on chalky humor, along with being informative.

Dern as Neeson’s wife is barely there to invest on anything. She is almost playing a cameo and still she is better than half of the other cast. Another major crisis in here is the antagonist. There is never a real threat experienced by the viewers whenever the antagonists are on screen. Mocking their own profession and investigating poorly by lopping off their own team members, this stereotypical clan is barely capable to make Neeson writhe on screen. Bateman’s irritation over Neeson’s ruling might communicate but that too is when his wife steps in and a new chain of cycle is introduced on screen that somewhat helps it grows into more hefty.

Another plus point on their side, is the invasion of another gang which is clearly more life threatening than our real “bad guys”. Their poised and reserved nature leaves the other characters shaking on their seat as they move slowly but steadily near to their revenge. This is where Moland’s script delivers completely, its awareness on the catastrophe that each action spirals out, is what helps him puppeteer multiple characters on screen. Like Rossum’s cop character that has its own interesting tale to tell.

The action isn’t necessarily gore and the locations beautifully shot that does fool you to expect maturity on the narration. On terms of originality, there is a long way to go, this B grade action drama is unfortunately short on both action and drama. This remake of Moland’s own Norwegian film is a big chunk of disappointment, incapable to regain the magic, the star power is your only stable source to work upon and rely upon. Cold Pursuit is definitely a cold pursuit, with none whatsoever threat of emergency, it is on run without looking back.

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