Voting Without Any Care.

Payne writes like a twelve year old boy does in his personal diary. Without any care of the structure or grammar, he just writes, honestly. He blatantly spits out all the emotions in layman terms, so free and so simple in his command over the film, that he moves everyone with it. His knack of projecting the tiniest aspect of the novel that he is adapting from, thrusts the entire film to a busy environment that you cannot help but get engaged in it. Somewhat Scorsese-like in his methods, his film is hilariously smart. The observational comedy is his approach and the result is basically a riot of laughter.

There is sincerity in each scene of the film and there are aplenty in here, he takes care of all the perspective and with a stable pace, he drives smoothly off the town like a sheriff. This illuminating satire of social and political world that we neglect every now and then, is one of the quirkiest and strongest film to set in a college field. Witherspoon, committing in her sassy-ness brings out a gutsy hatred towards her from us every time she speaks and that is her real win. The annoyance and eye scratching body language of hers shows powerful finesse on her acting.

Klein and Campbell- the Metzlers- are completely opposite to Witherspoon, they are adorable and instantly likable on screen, although their performance isn’t as convincing as Witherspoon. Broderick is the victim, the character for pity and to be rooted, often fumbling and wrong in his decisions, he humanizes the character through slick humor on being the butt of the joke; something not everyone is able to pull off on a screen. Election is exactly like the real ones, sugar coated in a college life it attracts the viewer to this not-so-absorbing concept with open arms.

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