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Evans has evidently enormous love towards mythology and his fantasy of jotting down those emotions on screen is the only reason why this film stays firmly on the ground in big whirls of winds, it may shake but it survives. The knack of outsmarting our imagination is his another way in, it has impeccably subtle narration dipped in literal bloodbath that is well reasoned and something that doesn’t come off, off-putting. Slowly crawling itself for the annihilation this entire island, no matter how pasty and spooky, is something that represents the entire film and the characters revolving around it.

The action drama is a basic 1-0-1, it builds up the characters effervescently, and weaves out antics that at its best is mediocre, for the real drama is hidden somewhere else. In its initial stages it may come off as one big chunk of cliche when Sheen helms the territory, but Evans dives deep into characters and pulls out a three dimensional view in front of us that makes you rethink everything once again. And it is that rebooting of the genre in every act that helps it last long.

What I worry about among all, is Evans fragment of imagination over this world, it is clearly not fair, there comes in a lot of compromise for the viewers to seek solace in this harrowing island, the thrills aren’t cheap though, then why should justice be. Stevens is barely in charge of this island, for a fraction of second he gets to reveal his true self while Sheen is blessed with much room to flaunt his persona and overpower others, he seems complicated for he is simple. Apostle has a long way to go to enter the major leagues, but this big wallop of shock cannot go unnoticed.

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