Vow To No More Wow.

Hardy’s drama is, yes, scary, but also comes with a ton of baggage that cannot be negotiated. This is what I have loved and flinched about this franchise, it dares constraint the all mighty power- “God Ends Here” it whispers- but fumbles to prove it. This mixed feeling is what’s left in your hand at the end of the exorcism, is it a marketing tease or inadequacy, only God knows; if it is in its territory. The knack for drawing out humor and delivering cliched cinematic dialogues in an extremely tensed environment disenchants the viewers from its dark perilous vision and compromises the quality.

Antics are smart enough to scar you let alone scare you, but as much as gripping as these sequences are, the build up of them aren’t weaved out with clean execution, there is a lot of uncertainty in their own laws, the mythology lacks the malleability to blatantly announce or demand their rights. This installment is the most animated of all, and surprisingly the scariest of all, the neat environment and the poised nature of the demons is something to be inspired from.

The real culprit is the predictability of the film, not for the characters, but for the sequences that the maker loves immensely, it aches you to see someone with so much effort working on one big hokum. There is no other room for the cast to invest, it is all Farmiga, from the curse to the blessing. If this is a horror served us by the makers, she comes off as the impenetrable beauty, the kryptonite to the evil, her performance justifies all the work done by her elder sister in previous installments. The Nun is worthy of a vow as far as thrills are concerned, drama has to be searched for and later be disappointed by.

Posted by:Arth

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