The Weakest Link.

Leonetti’s investment to this infamous series weighs it down like an anchor, as the thrills comes in cheap and tears negatively aplenty. The elements that usually such genre dwells upon are spooky enough to lure you in, but the execution is daft with pretentious artsy camera work that rots the somewhat established base of the film. The last act on which the entire film hangs upon, the ultimate culmination of all characters and their tragedies they bring along with, is not only poorly conceived on screen but also amateurishly written on paper. What aches you above all, is their effort of delivering a mature climax to its audience that arms itself intellectually rather than some bourgeois intense chase scene, unfortunately, it isn’t polished enough to smoothly go by unnoticed.

The chills and scares is left up to imagination which is always been the signature of the series as it doesn’t undermine the threat or antagonist by animating it too much on screen and probably, this is the least animated among all. The performance comes in short in here, with Wallis, the major disappointment as she fails miserably to act even scared let along pour some emotion into it.

Same goes for all the supporting cast, the performance is so unbearably lazy and inexpressive that the doll itself had to factor in, and she is brilliant by the way; those dead eyes. At the end of the circle, the film is a big moot point on all levels, it is questionable and pretentious with no heart to enlighten it up. Even the mythological background tale that they have brought in, isn’t explored enough to satisfy the viewers. Annabelle is basically a chess game, pawn for pawn with time slipping out of its hand, this cliched installment in this franchise is not the way to conjure us.

Posted by:Arth

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