Armed For No Reason.

Feig’s take on the James Bond-s of the genre is impeccably impressive with faulty gadgets, dull mobile, questionable action sequences and slow chase scenes. Who’d have thought that compilation of these disasters is what’s going to elevate the film into a hilarious zone. His film shines only when he fumbles- deliberately though- and his commitment on mapping out that entire structure for the sake of a laugh is surprisingly admirable. The plot is his weak point though, whenever the storyline advances further there is a sense of disappointment in the air, as you want to stay on that lane only and enjoy it thoroughly as much as possible.

And this makes the last act a bit low on humor, for the time was running and Feig had to bring out the news table where the flips and the turns and petty twists are barely the highlight of it. The physical sequences that it thrives upon is carried out brilliantly by McCarthy. She is just delightful to watch, body shaming herself and demoralizing others with her uncouth language, she makes you fall out of your chair as you burst out with a roaring laughter.

Supporting him thoroughly on that very note is Statham as a boasting guy that praises himself with various references that just keeps getting funnier and funnier, personally his amiability to keep himself superior than others steals away the show for me. Law, Byrne and Hart gets few lines to draw in the laughs but another surprising winner is Serafinowicz as a constant flirt in the screen that charms his way out, no matter what McCarthy says, his petty notions might get by unnoticed but his absence plays a much vital role. Spy is the least a spy ever can be or pretend to be, but there is no secret that the laughter comes in handy in here.

Posted by:Arth

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