Cry Your Heart Out.

Pierce’s heartbreaking biography is an uncompromising quest of finding the truth, and just like it, it is hard to swallow, amazing to experience and leaves you shook at the brisk of your seat. The film feels documented than it feels performed. The wallop of drama it whirls you around with is no entertainment, the sincerity of the material in its mannerism can easily be filtered, it definitely narrows itself down to those hard facts and figures that will question humanity. The entire script is dipped into that very idea and yet is beyond that, and even though Pierce keeps his world surrounded by pathos ideologies, it never grows manipulative. Addition to that, the film feeds itself on elements rather than antics.

These elements breeds the character into their incongruent surrounding instead of the other way around, which is something what the real life based characters went through with their lives. Swank, arguably, at the ignition of her career, snatches away the film from any other. Her riveting performance is testament to her hard work and commitment to such a complex character. The boyishness charm that she adores in front of a mirror or when she flirts blatantly with conviction, is something very vulnerable and mesmerizing to experience.

Supporting her thoroughly is Sevigny in her portrayal that has the potential to challenge her on screen with a half crooked smile and, yes, sanity. Both these figures on screen, creates a fragile emotionally fueled scene around this edgy world, that almost seemed impossible, even a first touch is glorified with high stakes hanging in balance that makes you smile with a cathartic feeling in this not-so-questionable world. Boys Don’t Cry will prove you wrong, it still rubbles me down whenever there is a recognition of reality in Swank’s eyes, it is a rare cinematic art.

Posted by:Arth

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