My World. Your Rules.

Disney’s everlasting quest of painting a jaw dropping world on a screen that is snatched away from your dreams or nightmares, is the only reason how and why they come up with these many premises and princesses like such. Evidently it has been working for them, for years, no one dared question and match their game. Personally, Alice feels much more mature to me than other- for starters she build up this amazing world on her own- but also because there is no seeking or working hard for a prince. She creates her own problems and sorts it out by finding out the loophole. This overthinking princess is flawed and not eccentrically brave; necessarily, sure.

It makes her character more humane- despite of all that animation- and with all the fear and worrisome issues comes a sarcastic tone in her language that isn’t usually found in others. The film, frankly, doesn’t have much to go with, it’s a trip gone wrong case. But as always speaking metaphorically and social messages, Disney does bring all things back to the circle and weave out a definite point out of it. One of the best bits of the films are these new characters that pops around every five minutes, that relates a lot with our world but there is a catch to it.

Manipulating their characteristics in order to leave an important message and a satirical comic nature, the film whips you with awe inducing inventive characters. Like a bird that eats other birds but instead of a stomach it has a cage or an army of cards that would be easy to fiddle and rank by or using the food chain phenomenon in a tea party. Alice In Wonderland is pretty much us in our land, a bit quirky, a bit melodious and an overwhelming experience in the end.

Posted by:Arth

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