Hiding Under A Sophisticated Lie.

Reitman’s fatal attempts on convincing us to believe the significance of a script can only make you more depressed. This political drama is neither political nor drama, there is very little for it be diplomatic and yet it is diplomatic to the core and frankly that is not how you are supposed to answer the questions raised by yourself; at least not on such larger scale. For what it’s worth, the film is executed sharply, with swooping in as much as perspective there can be, but this almost two hour long episode-like film overstays its welcome.

There is barely an idea for it to walk around, and neither does it have any style to reason its way out, it is all textbook procedure boasting in front of a large crowd with none whatsoever flow or rhythm in its vocab. What’s worse among all is the scrutiny that is hyped and overridden for the entire film and is yet just skimmed off on terms of its so called exploration. There is no hard figure or fact to prove their ideologies, it feels like a juvenile attempt to win over your heart with pity and few tears- it doesn’t even have that. Running short on ideas, Reitman has dipped this film entirely into cliched outdated montages that bores you to death.

It leaps over these from time to time, distracting us from who knows what; a heated debate around a big round table, a controversial scandal, a press conference gone wrong, a stakeout van, a claimed guilty persona being cornered by flashy cameras and press reporters just yelling. You would know when there is no connection between you and a character, when the stakes aren’t communicated thoroughly, the most dramatic antic that puts Jackman at his most vulnerable position feels dry and physically distant, the threat never conjures you to nod convincingly when Jackman fumbles or stutters.

Speaking of whom, the only survivor of this sinking ship is Jackman, he comes out good, real good. His performance is the reason why you might want to finish this venture no matter how long. All the public appearance of his whether it be his speech or his temper bursting out behind the alley, is performed majestically and is written with compelling arguments- which is not something to be surprised or excited for since this is what the genre demands.

The supporting cast feels like misused from Simmons to Farmiga, there is basically anything for them to do or invest. The structure of the film is arguably fresh and not definitively productive, since it is always absorbing when a film relies upon one and only one act, but that is only the case when there is an act to follow. This seems like a huge swing and a miss, what should have been a side track, is helmed at the center and the rest of it is scoffed off, maybe there was a lot to pursue, maybe there wasn’t, either way, The Front Runner is certainly not going to be elected.

Posted by:Arth

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