My Beat. My Rhythm. My Dream.

Noe’s choreographed drama is well coordinated and far from being a masquerade. Frankly, it is not an easy job to watch this film, it tests your intelligence and then pushes the boundary further than you can see. It is an enigma in itself. Without that code, it cannot be cracked. After which, it is simple and easy to grasp it and yet to offer a compelling drama to that specific audience- which is usually when you encounter it the second time- is one tough job. Noe has always been dipped into such genre, it is his forte, there is very little to dare in front of him, and like his most of the films this too is derived from one of his nightmares which clearly is transferred to us thoroughly.

Addition to all of that, the camera work too strains your muscles, with fluent one take long shots, Noe uses all angles possible, along with lighting and production design to make it spooky and shady as much as possible. I’d advise you to not dive into it, it is the very definition of distraction, lop all of it and hold on to the theme and you might be able to walk parallel with the storytelling. Starting from a series of interviews, Noe wisely graphs out the characters on screen, without straining on creating an entire different narration into storytelling; why bother when hard facts and figures can easily be offered.

After which a one take dance number- which is choreographed unlike the others to come in the movie- it mesmerizes you as it is supposed to, along with a catchy up beat music which too obviously plays an important role. Despite of being R rated, Noe’s screen is never brimmed with that amount of blood or filth to make you cringe, what it does is leave the imagination to you which could be difficult to swallow, something that I experienced while watching Hannibal.

Arguably, the cinematography can be a bit irritating as it hides the content under dark lights and inverted camera angles, no matter how much metaphorical Noe was aspiring to go, I am sure he could have come up with something better. Boutella, the only known personality for most of the people, seems like in her home, she is comfortable and easy going in a suit of a girl who is not comfortable and is detecting some other power taking over her.

As far as the gist goes, Noe sets out an easy example of humankind by either simply challenging or contradicting it. His time travel through centuries is both beautiful and stress inducing, it takes us to places that we all fear and on that note, he has made a horror film. And what’s best is he doesn’t use any superficial images or concept or even an antagonist to leave you shook in your own seats, he uses your own imagination against you. Climax may not challenge cinema or even offer something new to the table, it has already been done, this is just a silvery homage to those films.

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