Far From Home And Close To Relative.

West And Cohen’s documentary leaves you at a perplexing state, definitely inspired and moved by it, but often questioning. Is it well crafted? Yes. Was there room for improvement? Way too much. And I presume, that is what kept me itching throughout this documentary. It sincerely respects the material is has and it never takes it for granted and neither it grows provocative nor manipulative. What it does fail to do so, is create an impact on its viewers, the stakes are never communicated, the scrutiny never traveled thoroughly.

The makers has a different vision altogether on narration, it was dry and felt mostly like news, there was no build up, no romance to amp up the viewers or at least root for them. The questions asked in interviews too aren’t expressive enough to open up the guests or the host itself. The documentary isn’t subtle too, it has good intentions on projecting the trajectory with one tactic or habit that would beam the entire path, but it isn’t smoothly placed in narration, it feels like a detour, a break that neither the host wanted nor the viewers.

The humor aspect is poured in to the host herself, and whenever she becomes the new version of herself, trying to fit in on a new world, the laughs come easily, from SNL clips to her equation with her granddaughter. Another smart idea was to project all the court appearance without any clips and just write down all the highlights of the debate on screen. The video clips aren’t sufficient, they should have either went for more or edited accordingly. RBG is the perfect alarm clock, it shakes you up with eye popping revelations and struggles that the protagonist went through, but then it is just an alarm clock, it cannot be much liked.

Posted by:Arth

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