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Abreu’s sketchy world is the most linear and simplistic take on the current era that we all reside in. His analogy between natural and artificial lifestyle is one of the oldest battle that the artists have been resisting about and he has managed to foliate it into a hand-drawn three dimensional world. And he is so sincere to his concept, that since the entire film takes place from a little kid’s perspective, the world is hand-drawn i.e. naturally crafted out. These tiny notions is what the film is entirely brimmed of, speaking thoroughly in a subtle layered vocab, this metaphorical satire flows smooth as a river.

Since there are barely any verbal sparring, the makers speak to us through sound medium and with sharp sound effects and melodious humming tune, this film is soothing to encounter. In its first act, where you are basically trying to create a structure of what is going on, the film explores the emotional aspect of our protagonist that is the most powerful and delicate part of it, since it has to fuel for the journey it is about to embark upon.

And this dutiful son, when wanders into a city; which seems more Metropolis-ish, the emotional tap is kept on hold while the writer whips you with political satire. This is a bit that might not reach to all of its viewers, since it grows tedious and familiar to its own world, nevertheless these intentions gets wiped out instantly as it reaches for its final act. And pinning down the last thought from where it was all ignited, the family drama never lets go off the social message. O Menino E O Mundo gives you an overwhelming experience for nothing but Abreu’s passion of storytelling, where at a certain point the story itself doesn’t matter.

Posted by:Arth

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