Blending In With The Cynicism.

Garrone’s harrowing head scratching character development may be a brilliant triumph on hitting the dart right at the middle of the target, but as far as the so called gore vision is concerned, this is clearly not your usual cup of tea. In fact, I would consider the writing to be arguable sadistic, the journey that makes you ache for the characters turns out to be the least concerned material for us. And it is not one of those disappointing gut wrenching climatic tale, it is the entire procedure itself. There is no lividity among any of them. Frankly it would have been much better if there’d be.

This world, with a lack of any whatsoever purpose, is the scariest of all. Garrone has made a horror movie that leaves a big hollowness in your heart for its conviction on exploration of the cheapest thinking process. It is the “reasons” that is left for us to bridge between the deeds and thinking. And it is clearly not edible. Now, scoffing off all these dark thoughts for a while, Garrone’s execution surpasses its sharp script. As much as gripping and three dimensional the adaptation is, the film manages to get our imaginations on the screen aptly.

And the way how these characters are three-dimensional is obviously due to these little montage scenes where our protagonist takes care of his dogs and his unequivocal affection for his daughter. All the various breeds of dogs that he takes care of, is one of the best moments of the film, his tendency to keep them prior to any other beings makes you get more comfortable around him. And a similar persona on his life, is his daughter whose passion is something that he never lets go off, those eye catching deep dive sequences melts you down easily.

Fonte’s performance is the real deal, his character is hanged by the writers with a thread where it tilts either way according to the tide, and to foliate that uncertainty on screen is one of his toughest job. And he makes sure his innocence expressive face is able to flip quickly on a sinister one. There is no doubt that this tale would create a jarring impact on its viewers; reason being, the loneliness it drowns you with.

Since there is no genial character for the audience to hold on to, it puts you right on the spot in that dark valley where you are genuinely scared of where will it lead towards, not a regular feeling a film offers you. It can also come off as being cheated by the makers, if you get loose hold of the storytelling, it is layered and fair; contrary to popular belief, but this type of justice is far fetched and demands you to reach for it; it is not going to serve it in front of you. Dogman is neither a type of dog or man, it seems fictitious in its own, break off those antics of bloodbath, and maybe there is purity in it.

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