Reviewing The Course.

Edgerton’s vital project is equally admirable, if not energetic, to the voice it raises. This seen-this-seen-that structure of the script may have something new to offer but has stereotypical characters and repetitive concept that is clearly off putting. Still scoffing off the limitations, Edgerton’s textbook procedure is effective, it is well crafted and genuinely invested tale. One of the primary reasons, why it works is the inevitability of the antagonist, since there is no physical appearance to it, it gets impossible to eradicate it and the annoyance that our characters goes through, is communicated thoroughly through stellar performance and brilliant execution. Fighting the long lasting battle, that is against narrow minded people, usually the solution is to take the South direction, but before its last act, the makers have managed to offer the simplest of solution.

But this is simply another extra branch of the film, it’s core lies on the analysation of a personal relationship which is put on trial in here. The class involves the usual suspects, one who is friendly, one of them a bully and one whose innocence gets snatched away. Soaking all the dripped material from all the tactics ever introduced in this genre, Edgerton has made a qualifying film. He never stretches things, each sequence of the film is an essential development to the storyline.

From meaningful conversations with Kidman on a car to writing down notes on the paper, and just because of this tone of the film, that isn’t commercial at all- if anything it is a bit more artsy than it accounts for- it leaves the audience satisfied. Hedges resisting the stupidity of the people surrounding them is a surprising package that keeps giving you back reasons to hold on to him.

Personally I prefer Hedges when he has to swallow all the accusations without any counter arguments, rather than in his last act where he jets his rage around the surrounding and enlightens the tale to a much faster pace. Crowe on the other hand owns his body like never before, he is firm, rigid and too behemoth to be able to move aside by anyone, he is one big wall that Hedges has to climb. Kidman on the other hand plays almost a double agent, the apt host for Hedges to penetrate these narrow minded people and walk past them ahead.

Edgerton, himself, plays the miniature physique of the antagonist, but still a nail biting challenger that amps up the charge and makes us want to punch him, this is his big win. With only little going on, in narration it helps Edgerton immensely to stay on the track and follow protagonist’s perspective without leaving his lead and despite of it, the narration never grows dull for ticking for around two hours. Unfortunately, the film isn’t layered as it thinks it is, it has a definite layer of essential ingredients, but is also wafer thin. Boy Erased manages to rub off the darker thoughts but also is primarily a mundane work.

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