Guilty Or Not Guilty.

Stone’s now-a-complete anthology on American politics from ’60s to ’70s, is a set that may dwell well in contrast to his rest of the installment, but as an individual, in its single entity, it is a “blah” forward pass. This meticulous venture of Stone was clearly not easy to bind it all in one act. Such political films that barely has any concrete material to follow, takes a lot of work to narrate it linearly with a definite structure. And covering all the controversies and debates, Stone has put up a behemoth stature for us to climb, it is a long way up but it is worth all the effort.

Unlike, his other similar features, this one lacks enthralling encounters that leads on electrifying debates, in fact if anything, it is too diplomatic to lose its control and let things flow, Stone is too calculative to make it cinematic. And if there are these many restraints on script, the making of the film, is boost off supremely by its stunning cast. And the titled character is played by Hopkins whose research on Nixon is a testament to his sheer brilliant performance. His best bits are when he shares the screen by his supporting actress Allen, who is equally challenging to him on screen.

The eerie editing and camera work does help Stone to make his point clear, but Hopkins’s act has a rhythm of its own, the first time he convinces Allen to not leave him is the apt example for it. These are also tiny packets of firecrackers that we get in this overstretched version of Stone’s dive on shady political drama, since the rest of the part is too mellow to demand our attention. Nixon managed to lose even in comparison to Stone’s JFK, it is a biography that no one asked for.

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