Rich-Poor Alike.

Disney’s another basket of dull troop of films undermines the capabilities of the banner to animate the tales for better expressions. It is one of those flicks that has tone so lazy and studious for it to convince the viewer for even a unattentive glance. A decision to give the three dimensional character a face to speak to the younger audience without any contempt unequivocally is regretted to death. With no whatsoever flow on narration and filmmaking, on both writing and execution there is very little to hold on to. Neither the characters are impressive nor the script illuminating enough to cut through other low ends of the film.

Usually, when nothing works, one starts to hope for amazing visuals or some good old music, but with uneasy action sequences, and moderate choreography, the music and songs are barely able to factor in on the bigger picture. The supporting characters that are your average sidekicks are literally working on a two liners sticky note, that grows annoying from their first introduction. Brimmed with various subplots, each of them fails to deliver it on their own theme, the love track isn’t electrifying, the revenge not communicative and message not inspiring enough to plant the emotions the makers had in mind.

The only good moments to steal away from this big chunk of mess, is the breezy chemistry between the lead friendship that is both slick and mature. Another thing that is hit on mark by the film, is the well thought out angles that allows enough room for the storyline to branch out and make it more dense and spicy. If it works thoroughly for the younger audience then it fails equally for the older viewers, a disappointing advancement on storyline. Unfortunately, Robin Hood is not the savior for Disney, they better wait for someone else.

Posted by:Arth

you've got a bag of change and here are my thoughts..

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