Growing Tall And Strong.

Disney’s palatial tale of a young deer emitting warmth in this cold hard land is a symphony sung over the ages for its ingenuity. A drama so mature and sincere that it challenges its older audience to be at their best end of intellectual state and also is a packet of firecrackers for the younger audience. And it is not that it jubilants the younger viewers through breathtaking visuals, stunning locations and adorable picturization of the animal lifestyle. But draws their attention with speaking their tongue of frailty on terms of knowledge and the newer concept that takes time to sink in, like every time when the Rabbit takes things too far and his mother reminds him of his father’s advice.

Tiny notions like such is where this meticulous script grows stronger, from experiencing the first rain to testing the surface of a snow, all these encounters with a nature is a witty way to characterize the characters. As far as animation is concerned, it never has been so powerful and skillful for a vivid storytelling to melt down its viewers on the very right spot. The first act is pretty much the firsts of everything, as mentioned, the thrills of visiting new creatures or speaking or walking for the first time.

And the second act explores the bonding between him and his mother with training and stories that can be traced back to mythology, where the last act offers our protagonist to stretch his muscles and prove his brave persona with a fight against nature whom he has been devouring since he was a kid. Bambi, a tale weaved out so far from now and yet remains so close to all of us, is a testament to the sheer brilliance of the narration that was clearly ahead of its time.

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