Follow The Trail.

Keaton’s cunning vision of pulling off the most simplistic task with a whip, is basically a time travelling machine that warps you back to your childhood memories where you are gullible for any animation possible. With installing as many gags as possible, the detailed version of his tale constructs the structure itself on screen. And Keaton doesn’t mind taking his time, he digs deep and clears out all our doubts, he himself is an audience, a maker and a performer; it is clearly visible. In initial stages, if the ignition of the plot is a bit narrow-minded and at times a bit chalky, all your complaints are lopped off very quickly as the ideologies grows wider and the methodology efficient.

On terms of antics, it thrives upon the thrills of the chase or more accurately the irony of the sincerity in this chase. There are very few actors who are as fluent in a physical sequence as Keaton is. From falling down right on the spot to leaping from any moving vehicle or from climbing any possible structure to fumbling calculatively on screen, his vocab doesn’t need any language.

Unlike the Sherlock Jr., it may not have the emotionally charged material to feed upon, but its satire on patriotism denses up the case as much as possible. Split into two acts, where one is leading towards the so-called trouble and one escaping from it, both of these acts contains long chase scenes that are brimmed with head scratching hilarious gags, and to offer that amount of material with such easiness is a sign of brilliance. A pacifict world as such despite of the theme, is a home run on terms of both irony and the hope it breathes. The General deserves a promotion to lead us in a better future.

Posted by:Arth

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