A Traveler But Not A Tourist.

Disney’s short list of mediocre films has this titled in bold and capitals. Raising the issues of diversity and equality, the concept of the film is morally on mark but the narration is far from target. Along with such political and social messages, it also explores the innocence of the nature which is weaved out smoothly with the script. But this is where the wheel of this plethora of various genre gets stuck. The tale never outgrows beyond its concept, from the first frame, the anticipated trajectory is mapped out, which is exactly where the track directs towards. There is no surprise, no fresh perspective nor any new layer of screenplay disclosed for the gravitas.

As usual, the film is visually stunning along with catchy songs like “Colors Of The Wind” and “Mine, Mine, Mine”. And as much as beautiful the songs are, the musical act or choreography is arguably dull. Another trademark Disney tactic, is to blend in pets as a sidekick that offers a light yet smart tricks and humor to the plot. The voice cast lives up to their role with Gibson and Bedard as the lead couple marks their signature. Bale gets few stand alone moments but that too is overshadowed by Gibson’s character.

Aforementioned, one of the best bits of the feature is the makers narrating the actual intentions through sidekicks, like the pets and the wise old tree, the conversations among them is the highlight of it. Consistently, where the film keeps failing, is how the writers are building up the sequence, not only is it done with old cheesy methods but it also makes you uncomfortable to encounter it. Pocahontas may attempt to raise the bar for the mature audience, but all it has to settle for is be the dream among its younger audience.

Posted by:Arth

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