Mediums Analyzed And Triumphed Over.

Disney’s culmination of the Western classical music, iterated with a metaphorical animated episode is an eye popping delight and a brain scratching concept to thrive upon. As a series of various episodes, that it leaps to, from one symphony to another, it usually grows off putting as there is no flow or a mutual aspect as a lose thread for the audience to hold on to, but not this time, not in here. Among multiple musical acts, the first two focusing on tiny little aspects of the nature that is explored with an awe-struck beauty depicted with suave animation and bright heart pleasing colors is a testament to the fragility and ingenious minds.

And among such animations too, the makers have managed to tell a tale depicting the mundane life of each being contributing equally and thoroughly to the nature itself. Misusing the power achieved or stolen temporarily, Mickey Mouse is on run, salivating to use the magic for his best, finds himself on a self created conflict, circling the arc of a complete tale narrated within few minutes. Personally, the Dance Of The Hours, is something that felt over thought out and naturally didn’t buy into it, on the other hand, The Rite Of Spring balances the tone with stunning visuals and fluently depicting the transaction over the time.

The climatic tale featuring the night and day concept through an exhilarating metaphor, ends this film on the highest note possible. Aforementioned, as much as rich the film is visually, the music is jaggedly on mark that elevates the momentum of the chapter discreetly and as a whole. As usually these Disney movies contains, the tale has a range to adore its younger audience and push the mature one, the balance is soothing to encounter. Fantasia is one of the finest classics of Disney that is equally competent to the ears as it is illuminating to our eyes.

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