Disappointment Flying Across The Screen.

Spielberg’s eye on the Disney’s beloved character fails to live up to the hype on any whatsoever level. Personally, this magical aviated world has always been physically distant with me, due to its various stages it leaps on. From one tone to another, the tale never seem to have a balance or command over its own language, no matter how much synced the theme may be, there is too little to work on such big hokum. Overstuffed from stereotypical characters to cliched subplots, Spielberg’s marathon euphoria wears off too quick to reach the first rest station.

And it is not that Spielberg is not in his A game, in fact if anything that convinces you to stay tuned to this blunder other than Williams, is his tactics to glorify tiny aspects of the film. Like, making the production easier, by projecting Roberts’s character to be in a doll house in order to make things easier and process faster. Such efficient and impressive tactics are what the entire musical acts are brimmed with, if not contains that anticipated masterful choreography. Aforementioned, Williams’s hopeful eyes behind the glasses, pursues you to watch his non-animated Peter Pan take, that is adorable as far as he is playing it.

On the opposite side, Hoffman as the antagonist, is on mark but there is very little to offer on terms of originality, fixated on cheesy humor and lazy sidekicks, it is a big chunk of disappointment. Roberts, Smith and Goodall in their supporting role are too unfortunately a plastered face written for a distraction and manipulating emotions out from the audience. Williams feels vulnerable and hand tied since he is not given any usual gags of his to charm his way out of the dull plot. Hook is the only thing that is to be hooked in this questionable project of Spielberg.

Posted by:Arth

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