Hope For A Bigger Score.

Blomkamp’s avant-garde hotchpotch of sci-fi and documentary genre is a smart tale retold with a refreshing accuracy in mind. And with a sharp vision as such, it is surprisingly layered and thoroughly calculated to be considered merely a summer blockbuster, there is too much art to be bent according to someone else’s preference. Blomkamp doesn’t suffer any fool, he is not ready to compromise and he ought not to. And despite of being plunged into a train of dark brutal images and theories for the dystopian future, his eye on tiny notions and details humanizes the perspective; the side effects caused by the parasite to the lead character like his hair loss or the vital roles that each character plays in the background.

The narration isn’t hefty only to the material but to its characters too. The overly populated world is swooped across in this linear storytelling with skillful puppeteering by Blomkamp’s execution. And just like the characters, the film keeps you busy with its competent and provocative nature of enfolding the screenplay with a loud ear ringing bang. Copley- both the well mannered obedient blind believer and the reckoning vigilante to the so called guardians of himself- is far more efficient as a follower than a leader.

Nevertheless with a range and power of character like such, his voice reaches individually as a performer. The supporting cast, if not extraordinary, stays to the marked timing as instructed. Blomkamp’s world goes far wider than a mere district, taken account of all the possibilities, the script has managed to find its own adequate destination itself. The thrills of the chase and the sense of urgency is easily communicated with breathtaking sound effects and stunning visual effects, that paints quite a picture. District 9 is a forward pass to the sci-fi genre, not so lofty, not so cinematic, it is bitterly practical.

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