Vote For Honesty.

Levinson’s smart and electrifying schemes on conjuring the elections is a work of pure art and not your usual sketchy comic drama. From the first frame the tale generates an exuberant energy on screen with pragmatic conversation that fuels on the environment offered to it that feels honest and real to the core. Similar to your usual mundane office day, this hectic week triumphs on its cutthroat sarcasm and hilarious ideologies. Unlike your usual structure, it is a one big act that feeds on high pitched dramatic antics that the gripping screenplay is brimmed of. The makers aren’t hesitating on making big provocative decisions, their genuinely effective feeling towards justifying the characters is a testament to the writers’ brilliance.

As much as hilarious the film is, the grasp of it towards practicality grows stronger and stronger that induces eye popping complex drama among the characters that are all at their vulnerable point of their life, either through success or failure. The content revolving around such political crises ought to have a diverse solution, and Levinson’s world has managed to be diplomatic yet accurate to its requirements and answers. Hoffman at the realm of it is a delight to watch, he can pull off comic timing as perfect as his dramatic performance is.

In fact arguably, Hoffman is a much better humorisc than De Niro is, his body language speaks for his intentions that are sinister and quirky. De Niro in his underdog character that is often retreated by the makers as a trump card in crisis. And he flaunts majestically on screen especially the first time Macy confronts him for some questioning. Hecke supports convincingly and Harrelson lifts the film to a whole new level through his cynicism. Wag The Dog leaves its audience wagging the tale merrily.

Posted by:Arth

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