Conspiracy For Commercialism.

Eastwood’s scientific theories on the term entertainment is too dull to even fall under the category of guilty pleasure. It is overridden with a thin slice of content and undercooked characters with questionable agendas and inane work methods. The petty feeble attempts to pull off humor to lighten the mood fails so miserably that it itches the viewers to encounter the makers sweat behind the screen to draw in a chuckle. Based on a textbook structure, that divides the narration into the first act being the cliched training and the other one being the execution of the plan, the only surprising aspect that favors in on storytelling is the flips and turns of the perspective that is kept under the shades by the government agents with our troops.

With an amazing visual effects and ferocious pace, it is undoubtedly a people pleasing summer blockbuster, even though walks a dull cliched surface which isn’t still reaching the expected layman terms. The script is so weak, that style over substance case would have saved this loosely placed screenplay, but is unfortunately poked annoyingly until the viewers break. Carrying a cast of caliber like such, the allotted content to them seems like a mere sticky note that they have to hold on to.

Only Eastwood and Jones when sharing the screen feels like stretching their muscles where the rest of the time, they too aren’t convincing. Sutherland and Garner as the supporters are not only unexplored but misused as a sidekick to distract the viewers. The first act being the greetings and meetings sweeps off fluently but the second one where the character build up is essential, is so poorly weaved out that even the actors fails to fabricate it convincingly on screen. Space Cowboys is silhouetted as a commercial box office charmer which may be low on craft but has a big enough banner to cover it up.

Posted by:Arth

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