A Doll Saves The Day.

Sandberg’s daunting task of connecting the dots is a gleeful win, even though it fails to stand on its own. Shattered brutally by the previous installment Annabelle of the Conjuring franchise, it surely was a difficult task by the makers to wipe out the haunting memory with a satisfying one. And yes, even though this slow pill episode of the series fumbles on its own grounds, it circles back to the origin satisfactorily. The mythological backdrop of this horrifying tale is actually originated from positive emotions that surprisingly casts a more effective spell on you. But we would be rushing ourselves if we think it is what the entire movie fiddles around with.

The series of various events adapted by it to brew a haunted grudge on the characters is skillfully weaved out. In fact, the procedure it follows, the build up of that sequence which is about to hit latter on the film, is more scarier than the actually revealing trick. Like, when a handicapped girl is introduced to a chair that works as an elevator on the stairs. Now the enactment of this scene offer much more sharp and brilliant imaginations to the viewers than the actual chapter shows you.

One of the main reason why it is a far better horror experience is for it is less animated than The Conjuring 2, it hides its heavier cards under the shades. Wilson as the victim and our host of the house (despite of being the guest) has done a marvelous work on foliating the chills on screen where she is supported decently by Bateman, Otto and LaPaglia. If The Conjuring is an alienated version of this series, Annabelle Creation feels much more personal, drawing the screams from our deepest darkest fears, it still remains mediocre on terms of storytelling.

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