Web Of Parallel Lies.

Marvel’s sci-fi diverse superhero flick is more than a flung news, infinitely stretched over the narrow streets, it is set in a known universe; home, New York. Endorsing its ownself into a comical idea that jumpstarts this cat and mouse chase is less promising and more exciting. The first act involves your usual teenage drama that feels like an indie film, a surprising take by Marvel. But all this trickery is shattered pretty much in its first few minutes, as this visual galore swings you like a toddler and you are beames back into your childhood memories.

This vision of yours is too shattered by the makers by complicating the linear humane tale into a labyrinthe of dual identities that keeps multiplying like an algorithm which keeps you at the brisk of your seat and challenges you to stay with the storytelling. And this is where the makers shine, despite of being gifted a plethora of tracks or ideas and being free of all logistics, they have sticked to an arguably a simpler one that is constructed well enough for the audience to nod along. Similar to any other animated feature, it makes it more juicy due to its tied hands, the conflicts that the lead characters are piled upon is what makes it electrifying.

But this is Lord’s world at some point. And his pacing vocab can easily be pointed out in here. Similar to The Lego Movie, there are too many characters to adore on screen and each of them trying to whirl you around with their hilarious innuendos or their own sub-plots or pointing out the obvious on the stage. It is the Lego phase all over again. You are too overwhelmed at times, to enjoy it thoroughly. You are too busy to catch up with what’s going on that you do feel left out.

There is a sense of incompetency in the air, ironically due to overstuffed material. And this is something that can itch to few viewers as you feel being cheated. Personally, I enjoy such narration, it challenges me to push my boundaries and snaps at me on every frame for my attention. The action is more “cool” than it is smart, the artists are stealing the awe struck moments as much as they can. And with a new smooth visual effects like such, they do add the literal transcript on screen and the infamous comic sound effects written out aloud in front of you.

The voice cast has done a decent work but there isn’t much for them to factor than few show stealing one liners that stay with you, even after the curtains are dropped for long; the Spider-Man Noir learning the colors on cube still cracks me up. But amidst all these glossy distraction there is, the theme, the gist, is still the same old drama, no matter what Peter says in here, I am going to complete the sentence, “With great powers comes great responsibilities.” Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse is a family drama that swings its way out to create that arc into a full circle.

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