Transforming Into A Human.

Knight’s world full of bots has got something that Bay missed on every installment of his; humans. The idea of delivering a simple origin story is what exactly it is. And frankly it was difficult to pull it off, since never has a spin off looked so confidence and comfortable in being on its own. It doesn’t spend most of its time in reminiscing about blending in the Easter eggs and other franchise signature moves to bedazzle the viewers. It’s a straight out punch. An arguably a knockout one. Aforementioned, the storyline is simple and in fact familiar to a lot of us, abandoning the home planet and zooming down to the Earth, this alienated world to our protagonist is pure fun; after, of course losing his memory and voice.

At least when he meets Steinfeld, his clock is ticking from zero and so is the film as its approach towards the blockbuster-ness nature grows mature. This relationship is what the entire film dwells upon. Even though it has few cliched scenes like the family melodrama that directs a bratty teenager to seek for an unfriendly friend. And yes, the shock of receiving the news for having a bot as a car and bursting out the hold up frustration in front of your family but all of this is pointed out with an “obvious” sense that makes the script more evolving.

The perspective is three dimensional in this gripping screenplay, it doesn’t jump onto the conclusion that was decided in the trajectory. Like the first encounter between Cena and Bumblebee, in fact that relationship itself, is well crafted out that keeps on bringing new elements and characters into it. The visual effects are brilliant, and not only the shots of its transformation but the action sequences, falling from higher ground with Steinfeld with it, these are the jaw dropping moments.

But then these are not the things you are going to take home with you, the gags involving the bonding that is brewed between the bot and Steinfeld, different taste on music, backing up each other against bullies and let’s face it, breaking some rules. As much as smooth and flamboyant the narration is, the film in its entirety is not a game changer, but is surely sincerely weaved out on its mannerism. Steinfeld on the lead has an adaptive role to portray which she holds onto along with a decent supporter Cena who is aptly cast as the hunk who can stand up against these boots.

The script is the only thing holding Knight to push the boundaries, but as much as range he is allotted, the material is dense and the film is busy within itself. The humor is mildly imputed and doesn’t overstays its welcome, as mentioned before, the obviousness of the stupidity is their genre. Morally competent and practically grounded, the feature walks a fine line of drama and action, but personally, choosing drama didn’t disappoint me. Bumblebee is a Christmas surprise delight that you neither missed nor are unhappy with it.

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