Probably, Nanny McPhee Returns because we don’t need her but then also we don’t even want her.

White’s babysitting is less caring and more parodical than the previous ones. From the concept to the frame by frame screenplay, each scene of this sequel is extracted from the original one, on terms of creativity it is a big joke and unfortunately it is not even funny. And the new elements that are theirs, is actually weaved out from the first one and is spoofed by the makers whose agenda for people pleasing theory is to draw as much as laughter as you can. What was considered magical in its first installment, in here it is converted in a big powerful wand that defies logic and sense.

Wherever and whenever the writers were cornered by themselves in their self created situation, they either laugh their way out of it or use magic to get out of it. The undercooked characters feeding themselves on over chewed emotions pretty much gives away the integrity of this wholesome family melodrama in its initial stages. But despite of all these cons, it is still supremely watchable as a family popcorn time and the reason is the obvious silliness that is pointed out in here. Surprisingly, the antagonist Ifans is flat out hilarious along with Smith whose comic timing is bang on your bucks.

Unfortunately Thompson as McPhee- small “c”, capital “P” -is enjoying too much of herself to breed the sincerity out of her role. Gyllenhaal, as always, holds onto her role tightly is the surprise package that stays true to her role thoroughly. One of the best bits of the film is Fiennes in his strict ironed army suit that elevates the momentum of the drama for a brief period. Probably, Nanny McPhee Returns because we don’t need her but then also we don’t even want her.

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