Hooper’s adaptive gore vision is frankly too much even for the the audience of this genre.

Hooper’s adaptive gore vision is frankly too much even for the the audience of this genre. There is one thing to exaggerate in order to leave a scaring harrowing impression on you to communicate the magnitude of the stakes and another to just mess with you. And yes, that is probably the reason why no matter how much you keep yourself reserved from it, this tale does get you and it is because Hooper is enjoying himself. His clear and- contrary to popular belief- clean vision is what amps up the ante of this ambitious project. This indie low budget cinema is actually an inspiring case for the newcomers out there to choose both style and substance through brilliant execution.

Now coming down to the cons, it is annoyingly loud and not just the screaming but its repetitive nature that it is fixated on. It makes sure everything is double checked, it is productive but also at times irrelevant, few deaths could have been lopped off. It is more mano-y-mano than your usual horror drama, it also resembles eerily with Halloween, the concept may be shared by Hooper, but his pathos cynicism cannot be matched. To add more to its troubles, the solution of the antagonist doesn’t even exist. It gets so brutally loud and poignant that you feel paralyzed to its circumstances and leaves you floating in its abyss.

The performance is another weakness of it, that itches you throughout the course. Neither the frightened actors are able to express the fear nor the people on the other side of the door are dogmatic enough to give you the chills. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a mind numbing tour gone wrong case, it has its moments that stays with you, but it surely isn’t something you’d be able to trade with for its unnerving psychology.

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