Siegel’s brooding nature and almost household methods is the only way out of this strictly confined prison.

Siegel’s brooding nature and almost household methods is the only way out of this strictly confined prison. And boy what a work he has put through in here to narrate the sweat and blood inducing hard work that these character goes through. Siegel has always used the set and the environment where the storytelling revolves around, into the narration so smoothly that you are practically escaping along with these characters. And using such body language and a three dimensional perspective on how such a process and plan is implemented the second act completely thrives upon the performance and execution where their barely resides any verbal sparrings.

This doesn’t suggest that it is better than the first half. Contrary to popular belief, the first half is what molds the movie into a more human nature. It resonates mistakes and flawed characters that is celebrated into the narration through driving and sharing emotions among the cell mates. It is not also your typical head to head rivalry script that is of scoreboard nature, all scores are settled in the last swing by Eastwood’s home run. Aforementioned, the performance relies upon the narration and vice versa and portraying such a gritty bold character has always been Eastwood’s charm.

And this time following the instructions and leading the instructions into unanticipated trajectories, he soars above all from his group in both the physical and emotional aspects of it. The second half of the film is basically a series of close calls and it is upto Siegel to not let that euphoric energy wear off which he does hold up to. Escape From Alcatraz has managed to live up to the expectations from the collaboration of Eastwood and Siegel and even though it fumbles on the dodgy surface, it manages to escape.

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