Gervais’s harmony is soothing and often manipulative in this, basically a war drama.

Gervais’s harmony is soothing and often manipulative in this, basically a war drama. And just like it, it has to survive on the brinks of it through low humor and extra sweetening ingredient that is ought to be inspiring and hopeful, without any doubt. What’s always been fascinating in Gervais’s world, is how non-sitcom-y it feels like, it has the essence of your usual arts-y movie. The environment is gritty and practical that is mildly tamed by anecdotes in each twenty minutes of this journey that might and might not work. But this is where his experience comes in, he is aware of his audience and they are of him, his body language, his vocab.

The conversations are overlapped, the situations are mentioned repetitively and a room or a scene if you will, is always busy and practical as one always is; a sign of meticulous storytelling and exquisite execution. Also, he has kept the time range limited and has somehow entitled to wrap it up, to keep it short and to the point, never testing the patience of his audience. The only weakness of it is, how manipulative it grows. It is well aware of the concept it has captured and now all it does is squeeze out the emotions from it; an arguably a cheap shot.

Having said that, it doesn’t suggest that the content is fixated in that loop itself, Gervais is never afraid to fly high, he twists and turns the nature of the tone every time proving and refreshing himself for a newer track. On terms of performance, this is almost staged to flaunt his skills on delivering such a majestic act, his portrayal of an immensely kind being is what the entire series thrives on, from tiny notions to the language he speaks and the way he gazes, it is a bonafide success and evolution on all levels. Derek is a heartwarming gullible room, that is impatiently bumpy but provocative for a greater good.

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