Miller’s another swing at this cold hard land is too squashy to stand on its dodgy ground and make the voice heard.

Miller’s another swing at this cold hard land is too squashy to stand on its dodgy ground and make the voice heard. As often does, these animated characters are created in order to glorify their characteristics and stand against the nature of their selves for the better part of the environment. But this well thought out concept is overridden in here till it grows numb, after a while you stop caring for them since you are no longer afraid for them. And what was once willfully and beautifully structured, is somewhat of a mirror in here to the previous installment and even though it reaches to its concept with a big heart, it also is arguably repetitive. Having said that, it doesn’t suggest that it isn’t entertaining or gripping storytelling.

Tapping on its own feet and singing on its own rhythm it still is a delight to watch these characters go banana over each other. Aforementioned, Miller fiddles with the nature of their beings, and chooses a higher moral ground after tangling them into a whirl of a huge disastrous experience. Each subplot of different characters are also a lesson to be learned, most likely to be a good will hunting. Like two animals sharing a bridge on the opposite side of it, trying to cross it safely. These little details on the plot is what makes it rich and juicier.

The returning voice cast is doing their best considering the opportunity they have got, and of course Williams stands along for his comic voice that echoes throughout the course of the feature. Damon and Pitt arguing philosophically are one of the best bits of this sort-of-inspiring tale. Happy Feet Two’s fatal attempts on reaching for something beyond its grasp is both admirable and disappointing, this time they failed to save the world within a tap dancing number.

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