smart negotiations and impressive tactics..


Amenabar’s resistance force is much more powerful than the opposing one that tries to penetrate it. Without overridden the complex issues like dwelling on the past and the backstory of the protagonist, it is pretty much what’s up front. And dealing it with smart negotiations and impressive tactics, Amenabar keeps the storyline on the edge and the emotions on the surface. And despite of it being dipped entirely into a pathos bubble, it never grows manipulative, it succumbs a bit to express on a large scale similar to its characters, but the message finally reaches adequately to the audience. The fascinating substance in here is not the concept, but where the storyline which drives that little piece of idea.

Also, personal story aside, the debate that it ping pongs throughout the movie about the life and death is worth pondering about. Obviously the characters are humble and caring on both the sides but they are also gritty and honest. The conversations are pragmatic and layered monologues echos between those silent pitches. It is a tale that relies a lot upon the performance and the cast is giving their best and are thoroughly convincing. Bardem once again proves that he is the real deal. He chokes up at essential moments whilst breaking down that melts you down.

His emotions paints this darker picture into a brighter one with an inspiring tone of fighting back for one more round. The supporting cast too has done a tremendous work on delivering the magnitude of the situation and serve it up front. The dramatic sequences are weaved out to be cinematic where each step of the structure is glorified to keep the audience tangled. The Sea Inside is more of what’s inside Bardem’s gift basket that he keeps offering, a tremendous work on portraying such a role.

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