the result is stupendous and inspiring..


Hackford’s romance has more drama than emotions. And armed with such a meticulous script, the feature keeps impressing you as the screenplay enfolds layer by layer onto the screen. What starts in here as a goofy romantic mishap grows intense and dark and it’s that build up that leaves you shook on your seat. It is also not a familiar structure that it thrives on. Each character is essential on the storyline and there is no monkey business in here. It is fairly to the point and clearly expressive of the message it attempts to convey. The narration is eerie yet thoroughly effective.

It respects each characters and plot points and tries to blend it in, on the bigger picture. The final act itself is so bizarrely genius and honest that it leaves your head spinning. To makes its mark and prove its point on the table, it serves the storyline through its supporting three dimensional characters that amps up the charge for the primary ones. The performance of the supporting cast is much more congruent to the lead one. Gere gets way too many opportunities to shine the light but he misses it every time; he just isn’t convincing, especially when the melt down sequence.

Winger on the other hand is in for a winning run, her portrayal outsmart every other cast. Gossett Jr. whose character is one of the strongest one has held on to its gritty cold attitude brimmed with warmth that redefines this tale into a much mature form. Hackford’s execution is loose at times and feels amature-ly handled as far as delivering a decent conversation is concerned. An Officer And A Gentleman is not what imperative questions are raised but how they are raised, the result is stupendous and inspiring.

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