the spells are mere tomfoolery..


Yates’s glossy magic is clearly outdated and ineffective. This overstuffed people-pleaser is no way, Rowling is supposed to get her mojo back. What was explored in Potter franchise, is reminisced till it grows numb in here; the spells are mere tomfoolery. The patterns are getting more and more clear and the structure is getting worn out. Both the installments of Fantastic Beasts, feasts itself with a rolled dice here and there in its first half, and then amps up the charge for a loud finale, which it actually isn’t.

The plot is complex but infomercial, their barely resides any flow. The first act is spent upon chattering and mapping the characters about their current state. And just when it was supposed to get thick, it gets more dump, Rowling keeps adding more characters to confuse you; it is ultimately pure magic, she is distracting you. But this distraction isn’t feasible to either the makers or the viewers. And all these characters with their hidden secret, walking parallel-y to the story-line ends up in a showdown where Depp is at the throne of it; on that rendezvous point, Rowling’s spell casts upon us.

The characters mingle around with political agenda that helps them catch you, and once you are in hold of them, they won’t leave you until you nod along to their schemes. Rowling’s perspicacious knowledge of the trajectory is what this franchise still thrives on. The narration is discreet and each character gets a voice. Depp gets to overpower others on screen and he loves it as much as we do. Redmayne seems to have found an apt shoes to fill in, his not-so-smooth-talk is way too smooth. Law doesn’t have much to offer, but he makes sure that there isn’t any regret on casting him.

Miller is underused and works as a pawn for the most part of it. Waterston and Fogler are convincing on revisiting their role whilst Sudol still is looking for something, and on additional cast, Kravitz gets a big chunk of bite. The lethargic over thought-out and ineffective conversations itches you like lumps which is surprising coming from Rowling, especially at the initial stages; she seems in a rush to give you even a compelling argument. The background score is decent if not anything extraordinary, the sound effects are sharp and the visual effects does make your eye pop.

Unfortunately, all of that seems moot if considered the final outcome of the plot. With so much to say, with so many voices, there probably will be one or two that you might wish to take home with you. Ticking for more than two hours, Yates’s visual galore tricks are getting predictable, there is no grip, just empty cat and mouse chase that are following wrong tracks. Undoubtedly, Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes Of Grindelwald is the weakest link of this magical world, that once dared question the big questions of life, is now unfortunately settled on the thrills of “stupefy” spells.

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