this drama deserves the emotions it goes through..


Spielberg’s head scratching sci-fi milestone accounts in the most humane emotion over this two hours of Williams’s symphony. Driven by an obsessive vision, the characters float around an honest mundane life in this Spielberg’s sci-fi. Not for a split second, he gives away his true intentions of the tone of the feature. It is as much as a family movie, as it is about mankind exploring beyond the boundaries. Your usual household activities, government policies, the means of communication, thirst for knowledge and a self driven persona that it brings out, all these elements polishes this drama into an honest one. The ingenious procedure of Spielberg’s fiddling with the props and utilizing the entire frame for the narration, amps up this visual galore that makes you think more than twice.

The stunning background score of Williams, meticulous art designing and decent visual effects decorates the tale into an alluring one. Dreyfuss is at charge in here. His obsession communicates widely but what you will take away the most, is his equation with his family and the emotions he goes through in that house. Truffant is literally the supporter and Dillion is a survivor. Tagging each other the plot tracks, this character driven tale passes on the torch with nothing kept prior than the storyline itself.

Personally, I’d prefer Dreyfuss obsessing over the uncertainty and the horror that he goes through in its initial stages over the latter stages. Just as he asks for Truffant for some answers, Spielberg makes sure that you too will leave the screen with that amount of thirst. Despite of raising general life changing questions, it delivers a much more personal bold tale of confrontation. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is a real deal on terms of the maturity it contains, this drama deserves the emotions it goes through.

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