there is real ruggedness in here..


Burton’s taken on the cape crusader of the Gotham city is much more practical and grounded than it claims to be. Don’t get it wrong, it has its weak moments and it gets cheesy at times with its cheap gadgets and tacky physical sequences that is clearly off putting, but amidst all these outdated thrills lies a stunning performances, a performance so mesmerizing that it has the potential to carry off the entire movie. There is real ruggedness in here, mano-y-mano as Nicholson calls it, and it’s that humane emotion that makes it more gritty and smart. The screenplay is tightly packed that keeps offering twists and turns in this cat and mouse chase until it grows mature and fiddles with character’s emotions.

The conversations are pragmatic but the dialogues are cinematic, they demand attention through it especially Nicholson’s ideologies that are expressed through monologues and one liners that may or may not crack you up but it surely is palpable to the bold decisions the character makes. It might be gullible, but it also keeps you thoroughly busy in its crime world, from fake advertisement to press news and from cutthroat politics to slick agendas that keeps flipping like a coin, it is immensely enthralling to encounter a good old protagonist-antagonist striking their horns on screen.

Aforementioned, Nicholson is the heartbeat of this case, he is hilarious, intriguing, impressive, at times predictable but not scary as he should have been. Keaton as Batman is over chewing stuff and other supporting cast fades away in front of Nicholson’s cynical laugh. Burton needs to up his game whilst pulling off heist and explosions, the fighting sequences could have easily been convincing. Batman works as far as it is a political drama as soon as it starts paying its due to the comic book fans, it dips vigorously down.

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