the solution is the climax..


Miller’s vivid heartwarming exposure of this satirical world is a delight to encounter it on such a huge screen. First thing’s first, the entire world is meticulously created that runs on bath practicality and fiction and boy what a fine ride it is. The only way to express your feeling is to compare it with when these penguins surfing through the cold icy land and tapping to the beat. Miller’s vision is way to wide and jaggedly on mark whose range fluctuates from being for a kid to an adult; it is an epitome of entertainment displayed on a large scale for the audience to grab on to.

The equations among each individual characters are brimmed with tiny notions that helps you picture the entire trajectory of them. And even though the theme is familiar, and has a typical structure and feeds on your known sketchy characters, this is writing at its finest. The narration flows like a smooth river and with such adaptive and gripping script, the pace is the one that changes the entire game. The voice cast has done a decent work. Jackman gets a bit more range and room than Kidman to factor in, where actually both of their characters are nurturing and protective to their kid.

Wood is the one driving this boat, and he seems at ease in here. Weaving gets to impute the politically influenced satire that amps up the charge. And Williams for the most part of it, carries it all on his shoulder, his comic timing, his accent, his attitude is off the roofs. Miller’s storytelling is compelling and busy throughout the course where the sense of emergency does communicate. Happy Feet dances on your usual beat, but this choreography is synced and an abbreviated metaphor of our current lifestyle, the solution is the climax.

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