and who-done-it case..


Gray’s surf and turf towards this thrilling ride may not be impeccably competent on the maturity but is thoroughly entertaining in its self-created hostage environment. Ticking for almost two and a half hours, the feature keeps you on the edge of the seat despite of being thick and thin in its methodology. Aforementioned, it may not be as mature as you might think, but it certainly is smarter than we usually get in such hostage situation and who-done-it case. The screenplay is tightly packed over the course of time that enfolds in a balanced pace making you fall in love all over again in this nail biting circumstance. There is no commercial hoax in it, there is no monkey business going on in this building, all the romance is between Spacey and Jackson.

And boy, do they hold up to their reputations. Their conversations are sharp and cunningly weaved out where both of them stand alone for their superpowers amidst the other hungry corrupt characters. The narration is polished with such finesse and flamboyancy that it flows fluently with gripping sequences and your usual satisfying twists and turns. The performance stands up to the caliber of the cast. Jackson as the innocent lead victim of this money-transaction-gone-wrong-case is so comfortable in his suit that he oozes warmth on the screen that makes you ease up on your seat.

Spacey, on his parallel role is equally challenging as both the character and performer, his uncertainty over each tiny detail is enthralling to encounter. The structure of the script maybe familiarly textbook but Gary’s vision is much more lucid and perpetually on mark. The Negotiator is definitely diplomatic and exhilarating as a negotiation usually is, but at times this diplomacy tend to lean towards expectancy which can easily be off putting and an anchor to this genre.

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