much more appealing than they have ever been..


Shyamalan’s take on the comic book is much more appealing than they have ever been. And even though it is immensely practical and more human than any of such “superhero” tales, it still has an exuberant enthralling act to follow. It is much more compelling and satisfying than your usual thriller. The characteristics of the characters might be simple but the procedure of how they are projected, is a brilliant example of storytelling. The magnitude when such a case comes across your life, is depicted with fine details and explicit writing that keeps you busy through glorifying tiny little aspects of the narration.

The structure of the script isn’t familiar at all, it isn’t divided into various parts, it flows fluently. It might be a slow pill but it doesn’t overchew stuff, in fact if anything it respects each piece of material with equal sincerity. It isn’t your usual comic book feature. It is more talkative, it is weaved out to be completely crafty to the core. As once a character quips too, it isn’t commercial at all. Willis is reserved and takes his time like he usually does. And since his character is confused and calculating for the most part of it, it dwells well for the character too.

Jackson on the other hand, is the convincer. He has to be more vocal and sensible. His well thought out theories lures you in on his viscous web. He is the mastermind and the puppeteer. Wright and Clark, the supporting cast, gets their own stand out moments and they hold on to it decently. Shyamalan’s vision is sharp and jaggedly on mark, he is well aware of the trajectory of the storyline, and he works his way up accordingly. Unbreakable shatters your expectation about the comic book bubble, the perspective is perpetually fresh.

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